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Muscle activation patterns and muscle synergies reflect different modes of coordination during upper extremity movement. (肌肉激活模式和肌肉协同作用反映了上肢运动过程中的不同协调模式)

Xiaoling Chen, Xiaojiao Dong, Yange Feng, Yuntao Jiao, Jian Yu, Yan Song, Xinxin Li, Lijie Zhang, Peiguo Hou*, Ping Xie*

A core issue in motor control is how the central nervous system generates and selects the muscle activation patterns necessary to achieve a variety of behaviors and movements. Extensive studies have verified that it is the foundation to induce a complex movement by the modular combinations of several muscles with a synergetic relationship. However, a few studies focus on the synergetic similarity and dissimilarity among different types of movements, especially for the upper extremity movements. In this study, we introduced the non-negative matrix factorization (NMF) method to explore the muscle activation patterns and synergy structure under 6 types of movements. The results showed a highly modular similarity of the muscle synergy among subjects under the same movement. Furthermore, Spearman's correlation analysis indicated significant similarities among HO-WE, HO-SU, and WE-SU (p < 0.001). Additionally, we also found shared synergy and special synergy in activation patterns among different movements. This study confirmed the theory of modular structure in the central nervous system, which yields a stable synergetic pattern under the same movement. Our findings on muscle synergy will be of great significance to motor control and even to clinical assessment techniques.

Frontiers in human neuroscience, 2023,16:912440.

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